Poptropica: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Coming November 8th?

Hey everyone! Based on Poptropica’s publishing schedule, next Thursday should be the date that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island will be released to members! Of course, we have no confirmation of that yet, and it may be delayed a week or two because of the new Nintendo DS game for Poptropica. Update the game has been released! here is the game if you are interested! http://www.amazon.com/Poptropica-Adventures-Nintendo-DS/dp/B0090PX7RE

I’m getting pretty excited about the new island so I decided to put a Sneak Peeks video up on my Youtube channel. Check it out and be sure to visit us for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Cheats when the island comes out!

What about all you guys and girls! Are you as excited as I am about the new poptropica releases! It’s a great time to be a member on poptropica!


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